Click on a certificate below to view and download it.


Certificates for flame retardant antistatic Loki Collection:

Certificate_1329-1000 FR AS Loki Long Sleeve Crew Neck.pdf

Certificate_1344-1000 FR AS Loki Long Sleeve Turtle Neck.pdf

Certificate_1367-1000 FR AS Loki Long Pant Unisex.pdf

Certificate_1375-1000 FR AS Loki Balaclava.pdf

Certificate_1378-1000 FR AS Loki Neck Gaiter.pdf


Certificate for flame retardant antistatic Lodur Set:

Certificate_1301-1000 FR AS Lodur Set.pdf


Certificates for Thermo°Cool fabrics:

Certificate_1481-1000 Thor Liner Gloves.pdf

Certificate_1482-1000 Thor Touchscreen Gloves.pdf

Certificate_8202-1000 Mani Light Liner Socks.pdf

Certificate_8203-1000 Nott Light Work Socks.pdf

Certificate_8204-1000 Laga Heavy Work Socks.pdf

Certificate_Cool Bodywear.pdf

Certificate_Warm Active Bodywear.pdf

Certificate_Warm Iso Bodywear.pdf


Certificate for SILVER+ antimicrobial finish:

Certificate of Excellence_SILVER+.pdf




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